Sunday 17 August 2008

Nobbly Bobbly

Moo - Do you like Nobbly Bobblies ?
Dad - I don't like the nobblies ?
Moo - What about the bobblies ?
Dad - Those too.
I'll chew them off, then you can try the inside bit ?
Dad - Thats OK.
Moo - No, i will.
Dad - Ok, i'll try the inside, is it strawberry ?
Moo - Yes, creamy strawberry.
Dad . Oooh ! It is nice, strawberry.
Moo - And chocolate, shall i eat off all the nobbly bobblies for you ?
Dad - No its ok, honestly.
Moo - I don't mind, i'll do it for you anyway, then if you changes your mind you can have some.
Dad - Ok Moo, thanks.

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